Sunday, May 17, 2020

Celebration Graduation

Its hard to believe that this precious little man has now grown up on me and gone ahead and got himself graduated from High School!

  Just seems like yesterday he was entering Kindergarten and just trying to keep up with his A B C's and 1 2 3"s .. But alas time stood not still, but continued on..

  My Dear Son,

I know that school was not always enjoyable for you and that you struggled with in its walls of confinement. Just the same I am proud that you stuck it out and didnt give up. You have now the whole world at your finger tips, and countless opportunities to make whatever you truly desire come to fruition. Just remember to let the passion fuel your decisions to become the very best Austin that I know you can be. If its becoming a Automotive Mechanic, then be the very best one.. Study hard... Learn from your teachers and having a willing heart to be open to different suggestions, on how things can be done.

My son, also do not forget to enjoy life, try not to take it so seriously.. The world is serious enough.
Importantly Love yourself and GOD.. and things wont always seem so bad.

I L♥ve you and wish you nothing but the best in everything..



Sunday, May 10, 2020

Happy Mothers Day

Ever since I was little girl I always knew I wanted to be a mother. I had written in my diary at a young age with very clear statements that I would have 2 of my own and adopt 2.. What my younger self did not know or comprehend was the very real thing, that God would have planned.
  He not only blessed me with those two of my own, and actually make an adoption a for real thing.. He in HIS infinite sense of humor, would also grant me the blessing of another precious baby.

"Sissy" the first born to call me momma.. She is my sweet blonde hair, blue eyed girl.. She was my easy baby from birth, the one that set the standard of sleeping through the night from her first evening on. The little girl that always had a smile on her face, and a deep love for others. Willing to always give people those million "second" chances.She has grown so much in the 24 years since making me a mom and I cant wait to see what God has in store for her and her life.

My Austin, the son to whom my heart would be taught patience and understanding. Born with high sensory and very sensitive to the things around him. He was the one that did not let me sleep at night. LOL. Dont get me started on how well he took certain baby foods.. He was the best food slinger this side of the Mississippi. He has made these last 19 years being his momma, very much an adventure.I know that Gods got big plans for him.. and no matter the sometimes tense moments.. He is my biggest and most favorite Austin. 

Then there are the two that God saw fit to place in my midst to raise. Though it is very realistic to say, that although these two crazy brothers to whom I had adopted almost 4 years ago may not call me mom or anything.. and though they try me.. on days.. I am blessed to have them in my life. I have learned alot of myself, and through being a foster / now adoptive parent of older kids, the importance of what it means to nurture other peoples children outside your own. I wouldnt trade it in the world.

This post wouldnt be complete without the Bru Ha Ha sense of Humour that Our LoRd has.. When He gave me and my new husband this precious baby girl.. "Little Sister aka "Baby G" aka Gwendolyn .. She is the light of our lives.. and brings absolute joy(and some times sleepless nights and fussy days) to our hearts.. Its as if GOD knew our HEARTS needed this precious little girl. She has one of the biggest smiles(just like her "sissy") and really knows what she wants.. She is the little girl I prayed for to have red hair, and blue eyes. I can not wait to see what the LoRd has install for her life. She maybe little but she is fierce.. May God use her mightly for HIM.

I cannot even fathom my life without these children.. and no matter how your children get to you, via natural or adoption, or even being made a honorary momma.. It is truly a blessing, one that should not be taken lightly.. It is a privilege to be a parent and though at times we may fail at being one on what may seem as most days, our kids are going to remember the good things.. So to all you moms out there, young and old alike.. God Bless You.. May we acknowledge our shortcomings, be  quick to forgive and do better... Our children are little but for a short time.. 

Enjoy them MOMMA!
 And have a blessed MOTHERS DAY..

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Blessings Of Easter

Happy Easter, My Fellow Peeps
I do hope yall had a blessed Easter,
 Our Savior has Risen... 
He is no longer that Babe in a Manger we celebrate at Christmas.
I know this is a different kind of Easter
 given everything the world is currently experiencing with the Covid 19 Virus. A time when families would attend worship services,followed by some good ol home cooked food and the little ones hunting those bright coloured eggs. Instead its met with isolation n limited means..
As upsetting and disappointing it may seem to be.. 
It doesnt change the fact that our Savior is Risen 
and seated next to our Heavenly Father
..And His L♥ve for us remains the same.
No amount of our current calamity changes that..
We just have to look at it for what it is..
We live in a Fallen World
A World, that was in deed needing a Savior
to restore us and cleanse our souls to the way it should have been
before the Fall of Man.
Next year when possibly this crazy has subsided and became a history making memory
we will look back and be grateful for what truly was important, and make the next Easter just as great
with the Love of Gods True Message.
1st John 3:16
Happy Easter Yall
From My Family 


Friday, March 27, 2020

"Hey Momma, Dream A Little Dream"!

Those were the words I said to myself as I sat at the messy kitchen table trying to steal away a few min in between Children wants and Husband needs. I was finally able to sit long enough to skim quickly through the newest Pie Book I had recently ordered on Amazon.

As I sat there, I dreamed a dream.. I would love to open up my own little "Pie"/ Dessert/ Sandwich nook. Nothing fancy, just something Simple yet Good enough to hit that "Sweet Spot" in someones belly. I have often thought about having my own Cafe, or what it would be like..What often brings me to those thoughts are the often caught glances I  have of a picture of my late Grandmother in her lil ol Cafe in Barnard Kansas from way back when.

  I also been finding myself "dreaming"  of owning a home again.When my now X husband and I sold the Farmhouse back in Fall 2017 and moved back to OklaHOMa.. It was bittersweet. The farmhouse with all its nicks and crannies, and much needed updating.. still made my heart ♥ swoon. The layout of the land and just the sereneness of it all..and dont get me started on its History ;) REALLY SET THE STANDARD. But like anything.. I know that God has the perfect place for my families needs, and until HE gives us the signal to move full steam ahead.. Greg and I just keep plugging away at building up his credit and paying off the debts..Which we have just a little under $5000 to go ☺

                 Speaking of Homes, recently the family and I moved from our little place in town

to a slightly bigger home in the country
Here I began to get to work on sprucing up the place to help make it a little bit of our own while we are here. Planted a few rose bushes along with some bird and butterfly attractant plants in the pots for easier moving around when need be.

I am limiting how much I do as far as planting things and sprucing up.. It is a rental and I dont want to go over board for many reasons.. Given we have a tentative house hunting goal date.. That is the main thing.. Keep our monetary means where they need to go for long term stability not short term livability.

Anyhow I best get going..the youngest little chickie in our brood is needing me so I wish you guys a great and blessed day.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Hey Sisters, Open The Windows and Dust Off The Cobwebs !

and you know what that means?

Thats right, its time to roll up yer sleeves and get the elbow grease a going. 
I cant begin to tell you how much energy it takes cleaning a home with 3 growing man childs and 1 little girl.
And dont get me started on the pets.. our pets equal the amount of family members living in the home.. and a few of them are shedding machines. 
So when I say vacuuming is a highlight of the day, and sometimes 2 x a day.. Its no joke.But hey gotta do it with a smile ..right?

Some of my most favorite products
 to get my Spring Cleaning on is
Mrs Meyers..

Oh my goodness, her stuff smells divine,
I am always on the look out
 for her latest limited edition scents.

At this time of the year
 I will, take down the curtains and give them a good washing
Scrub up the blinds that have gathered dust on the blades.
Windex the windows with a Amonia added cleaner,
Wipe down the shelves, clean out any drawers that need be
and reorganize my storage areas.. Especially under the sink.
And importantly take stock in all the items that need
either repaired, replaced, fixed or tossed.

And if thats not all, its litterally time to sweep the cobwebs..
For whatever reason the spiders, and ants make it this time of the year to
say hello in the house.. Living in Oklahoma.. Spiders in the HOUSE are a
NO NO.. to many poisonous ones..sooooo
we get busy spraying for those wretched pests

I would love to say I put on a cute apron and go about my business,
but I do not.. I usually have on a dingy tee and and stretched out leggings
and throw my hair into a pony tail..
But hey if going all vintage cute works for you.. then by golly go about it!

Well I best be going, them dishes arent gonna clean them selves.

Yall have a good one ! Ya Hear!! 

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Happy Valentines Day

  I hope each and everyone of you was showered with lots of Hugs & Kisses

I know I was, 
my belved just spoiled me rotten. 

I woke up Valentines Day to see
 a Giant Card, flowers, and Chocolate.

He Said that was Phase One:

Phase 2-6 would come Saturday evening. 

and Oh My Gosh, he did not disappoint! 

I was blessed with a near 2 hour nap,
a candle light bubble bath, and the most romantic dinner.
That he made and served.

After eating we then, took a nice stroll underneath the stars 

 Upon Return home: We watched the Movie Judy
which was very decent, by the way. Although comparitively speaking.
My favorite about Judy Garland  movie is the one that stars
Judy Davis in , Me and My Shadows. Never the Less Renee did a fine job playing the late Judy Garland in her own right. 

Our Romance wrapped up for the evening, with Greg and I .. well thats between me and him.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Winter Delight

I like misty Autumn Mornings,
And cold snowy Winter Nights.

Rainstorms bring me Inner Peace,
Thunder sets my Soul Alight.

I care not for Summer,
Days too long, the Heavy Heat.

Give me Candle Light Evenings,
Early Darkness & Silent Streets.

     ... Natalia Crow


I still cant believe we are in January and in a whole new decade 2020.
Time surely waits for no man.  With time also comes the Seasons.

Winter, Winter,

Cold noses, chilled toes, and tingly fingers.
Makes one want to just stay curled up on the couch with a warm blanket 
and take in a good book or binge watch a favorite old show. 

Winter in Oklahoma is hit and miss, 
Some days its been Warm, Spring Like 
When a  cold front moves in.. 
 Its enough to have you run'n for the covers ☺

So far 2020 is shaping up to  be a good one, 
I firmly believe this will be my intentional year to BE and DO

Starting with but not limited too

*Moving into a bigger rental
*Reading my Bible in 1 year
*Eating Mindfully, not just Better
*Buying a New Vehicle
*Paying off all the Debt and Raising our Credit Scores
*Make a Realistic Schedule for Baby n Me
*Be more active in the Boys activities
*Incorporate more Family Related Fun and Get Togethers(with the extended family)
*Blog More Often
*Take on a Coupon Challenge. 
*Be more productive in my T. N and Journals 
* Explore my Bel♥ved State of OklaHOMa


How is 2020 Shaping up to be for you? Got any personal challenges for yourself, care to share.. I would love to hear from you.. Thats another thing.. I would love(LoRd willing and the Creek dont rise) to bring this blog to life and be a place for, encouragement, and laughter..Ya know the kind that has us mommas saying.. YEP I can Relate.

Until Next Time



Celebration Graduation

Its hard to believe that this precious little man has now grown up on me and gone ahead and got himself graduated from High School!   J...